A plug-in system was implemented in the GSoC 2013 by Tim Jerman which was released with nomacs 2.0. In this project an image stitching plug-in shall be developed. Image stitching allows users to combine their panorama shots or to create a high resolution image from multiple images. The stitching method should adopt a robust method such as the one presented by J. Zaragoza et al.

Benefit for the Student

The student will gain knowledge in image processing methods, especially image stitching. Additionally he can deepen his knowledge of using OpenCV.

Benefit for the Project

Panorama functionality will be added to nomacs by this plug-in. Furthermore, a plug-in keeps the basic image viewer, while users can extend functionality on their demand.


Advanced image processing knowledge, good skills in C++, experience in writing Qt plug-ins.


Markus Diem, Stefan Fiel, Florian Kleber

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