We would like to port this extension from Chrome to Firefox and Safari and make it work not only with Google Maps, but also other map services (e.g. Bing Maps and Open Street Map). We also would like to improve the precision of the estimations of CO2 emissions. Details of how this could be done are discussed in our wish-list of features ( You are also welcome and encouraged to suggest your own new features.
In your proposal, you should describe clearly which features you would like to implement, how you are planning to implement them, and how much time you expect to need for the implementation of each feature. Please write about the timeline, indicating when you are planning to implement each feature.

Benefit for the Student

The student will acquire practical experience in developing browser extensions for various browsers in Javascript and will work on a project that raises environmental awareness and is used by thousands of people.

Benefit for the Project

Carbon Footprint for Google Maps will become accessible to users of other browsers and other map services, and this will ensure that it will continue to have impact in raising environmental awareness.


Solid knowledge of Javascript, HTML, CSS is required. You should give evidence of your knowledge by indicating previous projects where you used these languages or/and by solving the puzzles (see more information below).


Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo, Ekaterina Lebedeva

More information

Instructions on how to improve your chances of being accepted can be found here: