Engineering workflows reflect process steps facilitating the integration of engineering tools and describe operations at project level. Described engineering workflow rules encapsulate knowledge on the sequence of work tasks across tools in the engineering team and allow the flexible coordination of automated process steps. The focus is twofold: first, it requires the integration of Camunda - a workflow management system for BPM processes, and second the collection and observation of log entries and framework specific events for the purpose of validating executed processes with designed ones.

Benefit for the Student

Student will gain knowledge in a wide range of technologies, like OSGi, BPMN, Camunda.

Benefit for the Project

Capability of validating workflows run in a heterogeneous engineering environment.


Excellent skills in Java are essential. Useful would be knowledge about Apache karaf, BPMN, and process mining tools like ProM.


Dietmar Winkler, Richard Mordinyi, Stefan Scheiber

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