Changes of engineering plans in the distributed and parallel engineering of industrial plants often have an impact on plans in related disciplines. Isolated and specific software tools and data models do not fit together seamlessly.
For the moment, end users have to use the OESB-UI to make use of OESB capabilities. For instance, by upload engineering data, changes are propagated to other project participants by considering their role in the project.
The aim of this task is the development of the “OESB Client” that enables efficient and user-friendly exchange of data between heterogeneous software tools without the need for the OESB-UI. The idea is to have a client that runs in the background on the local machine of the end user by automating processes and communication with OESB server e.g.,  needed to capture and propagate changes as well as resolving conflicts. This should increase acceptance of OESB capabilities since the complexity of using OESB for the end user is minimized.

Benefit for the Student

Student will gain knowledge in a wide range of technologies, like OSGi, RCP, EMF.

Benefit for the Project

Improving user acceptance by moving technology into background.


Excellent skills in Java are essential. Useful would be knowledge about Eclipse RCP, Apache ActiveMQ, and Git.


Stefan Scheiber, Dietmar Winkler, Richard Mordinyi

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