Master’s Thesis on Three-Dimensional Process Simulation of Silicon Carbide for Micro- and Nanoelectronics

Micro- and Nanoelectronics is developing rapidly and thus requires constant support from   modeling and simulation to sustain the progress. To further the success of modern power device electronics (e.g. MOSFET, IGBT), accurate simulations based on efficient models are essential.

The Master’s thesis may have different focus areas (depending on the candidate’s skills, expertise, and interests), among them are:

  • Investigation of wet thermal oxidation of SiC
  • Investigation of geometrical aspects of SiC
  • SiC device process simulations

The student will gain knowledge and expertise in modeling, simulating, and analyzing devices based on one of the “hottest” materials used in semiconductor research and industries: Silicon Carbide. The student will be embedded within the research group of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for High Performance TCAD and he/she will establish ties with the industrial partner, being one of the world-leaders in providing semiconductor simulation tools: SILVACO. As the student’s thesis topics are placed at the forefront of research, publication of findings in international and peer-reviewed papers will be encouraged.

An interested candidate should:

  • be eager to learn and to develop;
  • be able to work independently and pro-actively;
  • have a good background in microelectronics, physics, and/or applied mathematics;
  • have good experience in C or C++;
  • have professional English skills (reading and writing).

The student will be supervized by Vito Šimonka and Josef Weinbub. This thesis opportunity is available to TU Wien students and is advertized in the university’s TISS system (Warning: You need to be logged-on to TISS for the link to work).

Interested TU Wien students should get in touch with Josef Weinbub by email.