Neophytos Neophytou

Tel.Nr.: +43 1 58801-36030

Room.Nr.: CA 0532
 Worked for IµE from 01-10-2008 to 28-02-2014.
 Biography (as of 28-02-2014):

Neophytos Neophytou received the BSc degree in electrical and computer engineering in 2001 from Purdue University, West Lafayette IN. He received the MSc and the PhD degrees in 2003 and 2008 respectively in the area of microelectronics and nanotechnology, both from Purdue University. He is currently a post doctoral researcher at the Institute for Microelectronics at the Technische Universität Wien. His research interests include computational modeling of quantum mechanical electron transport through new channel materials such as carbon nanotubes, nanowires, graphene based channels and III-V materials. He is currently working on the effects of bandstructure on the electronic properties of nanoscale devices electronic and thermoelectric device applications.