Karl Rupp
MSc Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

 Personal URL (provided by Karl Rupp):  http://www.karlrupp.net/
 Worked for IµE from 02-01-2009 to 31-10-2015.
 Biography (as of 31-10-2015):

Karl Rupp was born in Austria in 1984. He received the BSc degree in electrical engineering from the Technische Universität Wien in 2006, the MSc in computational mathematics from Brunel University in 2007, and the degree of Diplomingenieur in microelectronics and in technical mathematics from the Technische Universität Wien in 2009. He completed his doctoral degree on deterministic numerical solutions of the Boltzmann transport equation in 2011. His scientific interests include generative programming of discretization schemes such as the finite element method for the use in multiphysics problems.