A commercially supported, two- and three-dimensional device and circuit simulator integrated with a TCAD framework
GTS Minimos-NT

Minimos-NT is a general-purpose semiconductor device simulator providing steady-state, transient, and small-signal analysis of arbitrary two- and three-dimensional device geometries. In mixed-mode device and circuit simulation, numerically simulated devices can be embedded in circuits consisting of compact device models and passive elements.

Minimos-NT is integrated with a state-of-the-art TCAD Framework. A comprehensive set of physical models enables the user to simulate various kinds of advanced device structures, such as present-day CMOS devices, silicon-on-insulator devices, and hetero-structure devices. Taking into account atomistic traps and dopants, MINIMOS-NT allows reliability and variability modeling of highly scaled transistors such as bulk planar devices silicon-on-insulator FinFETs with a channel length down to 22nm and below.

  • BSIM4 compact model
  • Built-in irradiation models
  • Mobility degradation models
  • Latest hot carrier degradation and BTI models
  • Statistical reliability analysis
  • Variability analysis
  • Atomistic traps and dopants
  • Density-gradient model
  • Capable of three-dimensional device structures
  • Unstructured and structured meshes in two and three dimensions
  • Multi-core support
  • Available for Linux, Windows, and MAC OSX
  • Drift-diffusion and energy-transport models
  • Simulation modes: DC, AC, transient, mixed-mode
  • Direct extraction of S and Y matrices
  • Self-heating simulation
  • Hetero junction devices
  • Quantum correction models
  • Extensive and extendable material database
  • Sophisticated input-deck database
  • Tunneling models for gate leakage simulations
  • Support for EEPROM simulations
  • New tools for structure generation and visualization
  • Schematic editor for mixed-mode simulation
  • Modern, easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Structured file storage, workflow management
  • Support of various TCAD data formats
  • Remote / distributed execution of simulation jobs

This version of Minimos-NT has been developed in cooperation with Global TCAD Solutions - device and circuit simulation.

The current version of Minimos-NT has been released by our cooperation partner Global TCAD Solutions (GTS) in 10/2012. GTS maintains and distributes this version of Minimos-NT as well as the TCAD Framework, and provides service and customer support.





A two-dimensional device and circuit simulator
Minimos-NT 2.1

Minimos-NT 2.1 has been released in 10/2004. It offers the above listed Basic Features only. This version is no longer supported, but still available for download.

The version 2.1 of Minimos-NT can be obtained via our Download Portal.