A library for parsing input deck files

The ViennaIPD is a powerful control language which provides the ability to read complex application control sets from input files. The obtained data is distributed to external applications by a convenient datastructure interface. To support such complex control mechanisms specialized keywords are used which can contain arbitrarily nested expressions. The field of application covers large scale simulation software, e.g. Minimos-NT for controlling device simulations, as well as small scale programs. Virtually any application which requires some kind of input parameter handling can benefit from the ViennaIPD library.

  • Powerful (C-like) language for input files, including single and multiple inheritence.
  • C90 compatibility
  • Convenient datastructure interface
  • Arbitrarily nested expressions
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Static or shared library builds

More information can be found at http://viennaipd.sourceforge.net/