A Monte Carlo simulator for classical transport in semiconductors

VMC (Vienna Monte Carlo) is a Monte Carlo simulator for electron transport in cubic semiconductors. An analytical multi-valley model of the band structure is applied to covalent semiconductors, group III-V compound semiconductors, binary, ternary, and quaternary semiconductor alloys. Strain effects on the transport properties of SiGe layers grown on relaxed SiGe substrates are included. VMC can be applied to bulk semiconductors and one-dimensional devices.

  • group IV semiconductors (Si, Ge)
  • strain effects in SiGe
  • group III-V compound semiconductors (GaAs, AlAs, InP, InAs, AlP, GaP)
  • ternary and quaternary alloys (AlGaAs, GaInAs, AlGaAsP, etc.)
  • phonon scattering, impact ionization, alloy scattering
  • impurity scattering, plasmon scattering, degenerate statistics
  • bulk and one-dimensional devices
  • evaluation of numerous moments of the distribution function
  • efficient MC algorithm for the low-field mobility
  • descriptive input deck language
  • flexible selection of models, parameters, and output quantities

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