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Fausto Rossi

Wigner-specific research

[1] Rosati, Roberto and Dolcini, Fabrizio and Iotti, Rita Claudia and Rossi, Fausto: “Wigner-function formalism applied to semiconductor quantum devices: failure of the conventional boundary condition scheme”, Physical Review B, Vol.88, No.3, p.035401, 2013.

[2] Taj, David and Rossi, Fausto: “Quantum non-locality in systems with open boundaries: From the Wigner-function formalism to non-homogeneous Markovian master equations”, physica status solidi ©, Vol.5, No.1, p.66–69, 2008.

[3] Taj, D and Genovese, L and Rossi, Fausto: “Quantum-transport simulations with the Wigner-function formalism: Failure of conventional boundary-condition schemes”, EPL (Europhysics Letters), Vol.74, No.6, p.1060, 2006.

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[7] Zaccaria, Remo Proietti and Iotti, Rita C and Rossi, Fausto: “Microscopic Modelling of Quantum Open Systems: A Generalized Wigner-Function Approach”, Journal of Computational Electronics, Vol.2, No.2-4, p.141–145, 2003.

[8] Zaccaria, Remo Proietti and Rossi, Fausto: “Generalized Wigner Function Formulation for Quantum Systems with Open Boundaries”, arXiv preprint cond-mat/0204637, 2002.


  • Professor, Politecnico di Torino, Italy


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