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 ===== Wigner-specific research ===== ===== Wigner-specific research =====
-[1] Enno GieseWolfgang ZellerStephan KleinertMatthias MeisterVincenzo TammaAlbert RouraWolfgang P Schleich:“The interface of gravity and quantum mechanics illuminated by Wigner ​phase space”Proceedings of the International School of Physics “Enrico Fermi” Course, Vol.188pp.171-2362014[[https://​​pdf/​1402.0963.pdf|arxiv]]+[1] Christian R MüllerChristian PeuntingerThomas DirmeierImran KhanUlrich VoglCh MarquardtGerd Leuchs, Luis L Sánchez-Soto,​ Yong Siah Teo, Zdenek Hradil, Jaroslav Řeháček:"​Evading Vacuum Noise: Wigner ​Projections or Husimi Samples?"​Physical review letters, Vol.117No.7pp.070801, 2016
 ===== Affiliation(s) ===== ===== Affiliation(s) =====
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