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 ===== Biography ===== ===== Biography =====
-Stefano Olivares ​was born on August 22nd 1975 in Magenta (Mi), ItalyHe lives in Vittuone, a small city near Milan, and actually works at the Physics ​Department of the University of Trieste. He is a theoretician, ​working in quantum information,​ quantum optics and in quantum ​theory of measurement (see the list of publications). Besides thesehe loves music (he plays the piano and some other instrument)traditional Chinese martial artsmountain bike... +Stefano Olivares ​received the Ph.D. degree ​in physics from the University of Milan, ​Milano, Italy, in 2004 and is currently a Researcher ​at the Department of Physics, ​University of Milan, Italy. He is a theoretician, ​and his interests include ​quantum information, quantum estimation, quantum optics, quantum interferometry, ​and quantum ​computation. His main contributions are in the fields ​of quantum estimation of states and operationsgeneration ​and application of entanglementdecoherencequantum information and communicationAlthough his research activity is mainly theoretical,​ he is an active collaborator in many experimental groups.
 ===== Wigner-specific research ===== ===== Wigner-specific research =====
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