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EclipseTracer allows developers to adapt selected Eclipse break-points and watch-points into trace-points while debugging Java programs. Instead of stopping the execution, trace-points only record information about the current state when they are hit and store them in per-instance traces. The "silent" hits can be visualized over a time-line for post-mortem examination of the recorded information.

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Benefit for the Student

Learning how to develop plugins for the Eclipse IDE. Eclipse is one of the most widely used IDEs for Java, and supports a variety of other languages. A variety of plugins exist for eclipe to enrich its functionalities. These plugins profit from the extensive functionalities and Eclipse already supports.

Learning Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP), an advanced platforms for frontend development in Java.

Learning how to develope a tool with a productive quality, and gaining credits as a very good developer in case the tool was adpoted by the Eclipse community.

Learning how to program basic visualizations that are highly usabile and reliable.

Benefit for the Project

Releasing the EclipseTracer with a productive quality. This will enable releasing the tool to the public and get it hopefully adpoted by the Eclipse community.

The tool has a potential to make understading traces and variable histories easier than with the existing Eclipse debugger.


Bilal Alsallakh, Markus Bögl


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