Based on the explicit data models of the different heterogeneous tools/data sources, a generic approach for the definition of queries should be implemented. Based on this generic approach, the queries then need to be transformed into a query language the target data source can understand and handle - first of all we target at supporting data sources capable of dealing with the SQL syntax. For testing purposes, data from different projects will be provided.

Benefit for the Student

Learning about the transformation of queries to a set of heterogeneous data sources, and more generally about model-driven systems engineering.

Benefit for the Project

By now, queries to the different heterogeneous data sources/tools integrated need to be written and transformed manually to their local representations. The automation of this definition and transformation process would dramatically increase the usability and acceptance of the framework, since even non-experts would be capable of defining and executing complex queries.


Excellent skills in understanding and programming Java code are necessary. Useful would be knowledge about OSGi, database technologies (e.g., SQL), and about semantic web technologies (e.g., OWL).


Richard MordinyiAndreas Pieber, Dietmar Winkler


Mentors are regularly around in our GSoC IRC channel #TU-CSE-SoC at You can also reach us via the mailinglist – send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using the prefix [OPENENGSB] (a subscription is required).

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