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New PhD Position Available

We are offering a new PhD Student / Research Assistant position (3 years, 40 hours/week) to recent master’s graduates (or soon to be) who want to pursue a career in computational science and engineering. The research is conducted in close collaboration with SILVACO, which co-finances the Laboratory. Application is now open and remain so until it is filled. The actual start date can be negotiated. More information:

  1. PhD Student / Research Assistant Position in Computational Science

Update April 5, 2019

New Master’s Thesis and (Sponsored) Internship Projects Available

Together with our industrial partner, Silvaco Inc., we are offering new master’s thesis topics and (sponsored) internships.

In general we are looking for young Bachelor’s or Master’s students (preferably from the TU Wien) with some experience and strong interest in C/C++ software engineering in GNU/Linux. All topics are on research relevant topics. Aside from developing highly required tools, the students will also get in touch with Silvaco and with other similarly minded students. The Students will get first hand experiences on working with a global software player within the fast progressing electronics industry.

New Master’s Thesis Topic on Three-Dimensional Process Simulation of SiC Devices available

The group offers an opportunity for a Master’s thesis topic: Three-Dimensional Process Simulation of Silicon Carbide for Micro- and Nanoelectronics.

The student will gain knowledge and expertise in modeling, simulating, and analyzing devices based on one of the “hottest” materials used in semiconductor research and industries: Silicon Carbide. The student will be embedded within the research group of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for High Performance TCAD and he/she will establish ties with the industrial partner, being one of the world-leaders in providing semiconductor simulation tools: Silvaco. As the student’s thesis topics are placed at the forefront of research, publication of findings in international and peer-reviewed papers will be encouraged.

Interested TU Wien students should read the open position description carefully and, if interested, should get in touch with Josef Weinbub by email.