Master’s Thesis on Analysis and Optimization of Nested Meshes for Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Adaptive mesh refinement allows to locally increase the mesh resolution within Cartesian meshes. For an introduction on adaptive mesh refinement, have a look at this presentation.

Our industrial partner, Silvaco, Inc., has a nested mesh placement algorithm in place which should be analysed with respect to given mesh criteria and whether the number of mesh points can be further reduced to increase the overall efficiency.

The student will gain knowledge and experience in adaptive mesh refinement and research software engineering and will have the chance to tune a research- and industry-critical method.

An interested candidate should:

  • be eager to learn and to develop;
  • should have interest and some background in structured meshes;
  • be able to work independently and pro-actively;
  • have a good background in mathematics, numerical methods, and programming;
  • be skilled in GNU Linux-based C/C++ programming.

The student will be supervized by Josef Weinbub and Andreas Hössinger.

This thesis opportunity is available to TU Wien students and is advertized in the university’s TISS system (Warning: You need to be logged-on to TISS for the link to work).

Interested TU Wien students should get in touch with Josef Weinbub by email.