Mini-Symposium on Computational and Numerical Methods in Electronics at SIAM CSE 2017

Together with Karl RuppPatricio Farrell, and Nella Rotundo, we have co-organized the Mini-Symposium on Computational and Numerical Methods in Electronics at the SIAM CSE 2017 conference, one of the flagship Computational Science and Engineering conferences.

The goal of our Mini-Symposium was to push CSE within the electrical engineering community, which is especially important, as CSE is still very much under-represented in this particular field. We had eight speakers, covering a broad range of topics. The introductory talk presented an overview of the Laboratory’s research challenges and approaches. The following talks were given (presenters underlined):

  • Computational and Numerical Challenges in Semiconductor Process Simulation, P.Manstetten, V.Šimonka, G.Diamantopoulos, L.Gnam, A.Makarov, A.Hössinger, J.Weinbub (TU Wien, Austria)
  • Electron Transport in Nanostructures: Physical Models and Numerical Methods, M.V.Fischetti (University of Texas at Dallas, USA), W.Vandenberghe, M.Van de Put, J.Fang, S.Chen
  • Modeling Spin-Dependent Phenomena for New Device Application, V. Sverdlov (TU Wien, Austria), J.Weinbub, S.Selberherr
  • Fast Reaction-Diffusion of Defects in Cadmium Telluride, D.Brinkman (San Jose State University, USA), C.Ringhofer
  • How Do Electrons Move in Space? Flux Discretizations for Non-Boltzmann Statistics, P.Farrell (Weierstrass Institute, Germany), T.Koprucki, J.Fuhrmann
  • Semiconductor Device Simulation Approaches for Massively Parallel Computing Architectures, K.Rupp (TU Wien, Austria)
  • Modeling and Simulations Using Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory, J.Kestyn (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA), E.Polizzi
  • NEMO5: A Parallelized Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Nanodevices Simulation Software, X.Guo (Purdue University, USA), D.Lemus, D.Mejia, J.Fonseca, G.Klimeck, T.Kubis