Book Information

Advanced Device Modeling and Simulation


  • Editor: Grasser, Tibor
  • Published: 2003, 210 pages
  • ISBN: 9-812-38607-6 (Hardcover)
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  • Abstract:
    Microelectronics is one of the most rapidly changing scientific fields today. The tendency to shrink devices as far as possible results in extremely small devices which can no longer be described using simple analytical models. This book covers various aspects of advanced device modeling and simulation. As such it presents extensive reviews and original research by outstanding scientists. The bulk of the book is concerned with the theory of classical and quantum-mechanical transport modeling, based on macroscopic, spherical harmonics and Monte Carlo methods.

    Overview of the book:
    • Antonio Abramo
      "Modeling electron transport in MOSFET devices:
      Evolution and state of the art"
      , 25 pages
    • Hans Kosina and Mihail Nedjalkov
      "Particle models for device simulation", 44 pages
    • Ringhofer, Gardner, Vasileska
      "Effective potentials and quantum fluid models:
      A thermodynamic approach "
      , 29 pages
    • Neil Goldsman and Chung-Kuang Huang
      "Self-consistent modeling of MOSFET quantum effects by solving the Schrödinger and Boltzmann system of equations, 20 pages
    • Christoph Jungemann, Burkhard Neinhüs, and Bernd Meinerzhagen
      "Hydrodynamic modeling of RF noise for silicon-based devices", 26 pages
    • Tsuneya Ando
      "Carbon nanotubes as a perfectly conducting cyclinder", 23 pages
    • Tibor Grasser, Hans Kosina, and Siegfried Selberherr
      "Hot carrier effects within macroscopic transport models", 29 pages