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 === Primary Mentor === === Primary Mentor ===
 Karl Rupp Karl Rupp
 +=== Puzzles ===
 +The task is to write one or more OpenCL kernels using the convenience wrappers provided by ViennaCL to find the character with highest ASCII code in a sequence ('​vector<​char>'​ in ViennaCL. **UPDATE Apr 6, 2015: Unfortunately there is a bug in the current ViennaCL which prohibits the use of vector<​char>​. Please use vector<​int>​ instead for a sequence of integers.**) of characters. For example, the character with highest ASCII code in “ABRACADRABRA” is '​R'​. Come up with a good, fast and correct algorithm by extending the [[https://​​viennacl/​viennacl-dev/​blob/​master/​examples/​tutorial/​custom-kernels.cpp|Custom OpenCL kernels example]] provided with ViennaCL.
 +Contact or stop by at the institute if you have questions. Submit the code and a performance plot for different sequence lenghts with your application.
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