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ViennaCLBench: Improved Matrix Browser


ViennaCLBench is a GUI-based benchmark on top of ViennaCL, which was a successful GSoC project in 2014. Important improvements we hope you to come up with are a tighter integration of the Florida Sparse Matrix Collection into the GUI, additional test cases like iterative solvers, and an export of results to files.

Benefit for the Student

The student will get in touch with the development of cross-platform graphical user interfaces using Qt. Also, the student will learn a lot about C++ and the pitfalls of massively parallel hardware.

Benefit for the Project

A nice benchmarking GUI will help us with collecting performance data from new hardware quickly. Since it is impossible for us to buy each of the many models of the market, such a benchmarking application will help us in getting valuable data from users all over the world.


Experience in GUI programming with Qt is a plus. Moderate C++ skills are required.


Karl Rupp, Namik Karovic


Check out the ViennaCLBench source code from GitHub and build the project. Then, extend ViennaCLBench such that a popup dialog (alert box) is displayed at the end of each benchmark run.

Contact if you have questions. Submit a patch-file of the code changes (directly exported from the respective commit(s) in git) with your application.

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