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This project is on growing our currently available set of simulation-ready semiconductor devices and on stabilizing our simulation tools. The student will learn how to create such devices, what kind of devices are important, how to simulate them, and how to prepare a suite of tests based on these devices to identify errors in the software.

Prospective Student

Peter Resutik

Milestone Tasklist

We envision two milestones (and one optional), each containing its own list of tasks to be completed to be able to claim the assigned salary.

Milestone 1

  1. Research: Investigating current and old device collection, Collecting scientific papers describing devices,
  2. Generation: Generate new devices by using FreeCAD or ViennaMesh.

Milestone 2

  1. Simulation: Verify the devices by conducting device simulations with ViennaMini
  2. Documentation: Prepare pictures and descriptions for each device and populate a Wikipage

Milestone 3

  1. Testsystem: Implement an automatic test system for our simulation tools, by programmatically changing the geometries of the test devices.


We will pay EUR 1.200 for each successfully finished milestone. This is the equivalent of a 30 hour week at a rate of EUR 10/hour.

Additional Information

Please get yourself skilled in the basics of FreeCAD. To that end, make use of online video tutorials available on YouTube, for instance you can use this series:

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