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In this project we will work on a device structure modeler for ViennaMOS. We will implement a GUI-based application allowing us to setup simulation domains, such as semiconductor devices. To this end we will require CAD functionality embedded in a Qt-based GUI.

The student will become skilled in generating and preparing a simulation domain (in our case a semiconductor device) for a subsequent simulation step. In particular, the student will become skilled in interfacing and creating Qt applications in C++. Also, he or she will become familiar with established free open source tools, such as FreeCAD and the VTK suite.

Prospective Student

Adnan Zahirovic

Milestone Tasklist

We envision several milestones, each containing its own list of tasks to be completed to be able to claim the assigned salary.

Milestone 1

  1. Investigation: Investigate the API of FreeCAD and devise a way to embed the application in external Qt applications preferably via C++ (or via Python)
  2. Research: Find other free open source C++ CAD software projects which are compatible with Qt

Milestone 2

  1. Implementation: Implement a small C++ Qt Host Application which wraps an external CAD application, e.g., FreeCAD
  2. Interfacing: Implement an interface towards VTK and visualize the CAD-based structures via VTK

Milestone 3

  1. Documentation: Write a documentation in Doxygen

Primary Mentor

Additional Information

For embedding FreeCAD into a new Qt application, it is vital to get to know FreeCAD's API. FreeCAD provides a Python API which allows embedding FreeCAD into a Qt application. This would be a good place to start investigating the FreeCAD interface.

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