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Your project should comprise a final report that presents the work you've done and the challenges you faced, along with your ultimate results. This report should be created using LaTeX, as it is the most widespread document preparation system in the scientific community. Linux Mint provides you with the required tools to generate LaTeX-based documents, however, these tools have to be installed first via the package management system. Install the texlive package via your Linux's software package system by entering

  sudo apt-get install texlive

in the terminal, or use the package manager accordingly.

Writing LaTeX documents is very similar to coding in C++ or Python. We do not recommend using a graphical user interface application for creating LaTeX documents (because it hides most of the important stuff of what is going on in the background, which, however, is rather important to really grasp the workflow of LaTeX), instead we urge you to write your LaTeX documents with a simple text editor (e.g. gedit or the LaTeX-oriented Kile) and compile via executing commands in the terminal. Note that this is a similar workflow to writing and compiling C++ programs.

Please have a look at this tutorial as well as these YouTube videos Video 1 Video 2 to familiarize yourself with the process of creating LaTeX documents in Linux. LaTeX skills will prove to be very useful to you in the future, since you will need them to write your Bachelor's and/or Master's thesis, so any time spent on acquiring them is a good investment.

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