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IuE Summer of Code 2015

The IuE Summer of Code is a summer internship program for dedicated TU Wien students focusing on free open source software development (and related support tasks, e.g., testing, visualization, examples, web development) for the free open source software projects currently under development at the Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien. Flexible projects of varying run-times are given out (or are created from scratch based on ideas from a student) for which either a paycheck or ECTS can be collected. The students are supposed to show their dedication and skills during a selection period, after which the best can claim a project and work on it over the summer months (usually between 2 to 3 months) whilst being mentored by our team.

More information: Join our Info-Meeting on March 9, 2015 at 15:00 in lecture hall EI 3A.
(Can't make it? Contact us at

Important Dates

  • March 9, 2015: Info-Meeting @ EI 3A, 15:00

Selected Student Projects from the Past

To give you an idea of potential projects for 2015, here is a list of student projects conducted in the past:

  • 3D Geometry CAD Modeling of Semiconductor Devices
  • Material Database Design
  • Distributed Semiconductor Device Meshing
  • Semiconductor Device Python Interface
  • Fast Fourier Transform on Graphics Processing Units
  • Eigenvalue Computations on Graphics Processing Units

A list of projects for 2015 will be announced at the Info-Meeting on March 9, 2015 at 15:00 in EI 3A.

Required Skills

Almost all our projects require skills in common aspects of GNU/Linux software development and documentation. Therefore, all prospective students are supposed to be skilled in these areas (at least to some degree). Regardless, all students must process the following sections and make themselves familiar with the individual topics, especially focusing on areas relevant for the project of interest:

The Vienna* Team

The organizers of this Summer of Code program are the developers of the software projects on which the students will work on.


Please drop us an email at

Previous Summer of Codes

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