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Source development requires a series of tool. Some important (at least important for our development) are listet here:

Version Control

It is of utmost importance to use some sort of tool which manages different versions of your files. These tools are called version control or revision control tools. We use git and github for our projects.

You will need to know how to do the following things with git:

  • Cloning a repository (git clone)
  • Adding files to the repository (git add)
  • Committing changes (git commit)
  • Checking the status of the reporistory (git status)

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Source code can basicly be written in any text editor. We recommend simple text editors (like kate, gedit, QtCreator, Code::Blocks) over highly complex (like Eclipse).


Each source code file has to be compiled using a compiler (in our case a C++ compiler. In the world of Linux, there are two main compilers: GCC and Clang.

You will need to know how to do the following things with a compiler:

  • Compile a single source code file
  • Compile multiple source code files to object files
  • Link multiple object files into an exectueable

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To avoid compiling each source code file manually, build automation tools are used. make is the most popular build automation tool in the Linux/Unix area. In addition to classic build automation tools, cmake provides a higher level abstraction and can be used to create make files or configuration for other build automation tools (like Visual Studio).

You will need to know how to do the following things with cmake:

  • Creating a

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The debugger is a tool which helps a software developer finding bugs in his code. For Linux environments, the gdb can be used.

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