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ViennaDeviceDatabase: Interactive Web-Visualization of Devices


The projects aim is to research and evaluate options for a web-widget that allows interactive visualization of devices, i.e. geometries and meshes as well as any data that is stored on them. A possible choice might be ParaViewWeb ( ). The scope of the project encompasses taking a closer look at ParaViewWeb, finding potential alternatives, fleshing out advantages/drawbacks (server/client load, mobile support, …) and ultimately implementing a prototype of the most suitable candidate.

Benefit for the Student

This project offers a lot of freedom to the student in trying out his/her own ideas and to getting experience in using the fairly new HTML5 standard.

Benefit for the Project

A nice visualization of the devices stored in the DeviceDatabase will greatly increase the appeal of the overall website.


experience with web-development, interest in tinkering


Andreas Morhammer

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