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ViennaMaterials: Graphical User Interface


A Qt-based GUI application has to be developed, providing a dedicated and interactive frontend application to end-users. Material data queries must be supported, the result values should be visualized. The creation, deletion, and modification of available material data must be supported as well as load/store operations. To that end, ViennaMaterials' available API will be used to interface with the GUI application.

Benefit for the Student

The student will improve his/her skills in GUI programming. More concretly, the student will work with the well-known open source library Qt.

Benefit for the Project

ViennaMaterials will be shipped with a dedicated GUI application, significantly increasing the adoption rate of the library.


Experience in GUI programming with Qt is a plus. Moderate C++ skills are required.


Josef Weinbub, Florian Rudolf


Please solve the C++ Puzzles and - if possible - the Qt Puzzles and attach your solutions to your application. Keep in mind that you will have to explain your solutions in person to the mentors to get accepted as a IuE SoC'15 intern.

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