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ViennaMaterials: Web Interface


A Web GUI has to be implemented, providing an interactive frontend to end-users. Material data queries must be supported, the result values should be visualized. Additionally, a http-based API has to be developed: material data requests can be set up using a http request and the result has to be provided in XML format. ViennaMaterials should be able to handle these http requests and provide the requested information. A networking libraray, like cpp-netlib, should be utilzed to handle the http management. Additionally, ViennaMaterials should be able to connect to another ViennaMaterials instance via http and send requests for material data.

Benefit for the Student

The student will improve his/her skills in C++ and network/web programming.

Benefit for the Project

ViennaMaterials will be shipped with a dedicated Web framework, allowing to use ViennaMaterials to host a Web-based material database.


Good C++ and networking skills are required.


Josef Weinbub, Florian Rudolf

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