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ViennaMesh: Mesh Optimization


In scientific computing, many mesh related algorithms have a great need for meshes with high quality. Although the type of quality of a mesh depends on the algorithm operating on it, most requirements are similar. Especially size and shape of mesh elements is a central topic when speaking of mesh quality. Mesh generators often struggle with constraints and tend to produce low quality mesh elements. To compensate this, mesh optimizer are invented. These algorithms take a mesh and try to optimize the quality of this mesh. Popular mesh optimizers like Stellar or Mesquite were implemented.

The goal is to write an interface for such libraries to ViennaMesh. Additionally some low-level optimizations based on the ViennaGrid data structure might be implemented.

Benefit for the Student

The student will get in touch with the challenging topic of 3D meshing and will learn the importance of good mesh quality.

Benefit for the Project

With these mesh optimization modules, ViennaMesh is able to perform basic automatic mesh generation and produce meshes with high quality.


The student has to provide good skills in C++ and interest in geometry and computer science, mathematical and geometric knowledge is advantageous.


Florian Rudolf, Josef Weinbub


Please solve the Puzzles and attach your solutions to your application. Keep in mind that you will have to explain your solutions in person to the mentors to get accepted as a IuE SoC'15 intern.

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