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ViennaStar: Homepage

ViennaStar is the umbrella project for all Vienna-projects but it currently does not have any homepage. The student has to design and implement a homepage for the ViennaStar project, including the following features:

  • Presentation of ViennaStar: philosophies, members, coding style, …
  • Short presentation of all Vienna-projects
  • A news section
  • Publication list
  • Graphical design of the homepage
  • Github integration
  • Sourceforge integration

Optional/additional features:

  • Social media integration (Twitter, Facebook (?), Google+ (?), Linkedin (?), …)
  • Logo design for Vienna-projects
  • Wiki (?)

Benefit for the Student

The student will get in touch with all the Vienna-projects and the ViennaStar infrastructure.

Benefit for the Project

ViennaStar will finally get its homepage!! :-)


The student has to provide good skills in graphical design as well as web development.


Florian Rudolf, Karl Rupp


There are no classical puzzles provided for this project. If you are intereseted in this project, please contact us!

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