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ViennaStar: Homepage

ViennaStar is the umbrella project for all Vienna-projects but it currently does not have any homepage. The student has to design and implement a homepage for the ViennaStar project, including the following features:

  • Presentation of ViennaStar: philosophies, members, coding style, …
  • Short presentation of all Vienna-projects
  • A news section
  • Publication list
  • Graphical design of the homepage
  • Github integration
  • Sourceforge integration

Optional/additional features:

  • Social media integration (Twitter, Facebook (?), Google+ (?), Linkedin (?), …)
  • Logo design for Vienna-projects
  • Wiki (?)

Benefit for the Student

The student will get in touch with all the Vienna-projects and the ViennaStar infrastructure.

Benefit for the Project

ViennaStar will finally get its homepage!! :-)


The student has to provide good skills in graphical design as well as web development.


Florian Rudolf, Karl Rupp

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