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ViennaMesh provides interfaces to a collection of different external libraries and wraps their algorithms for meshing applications. But currently there is no algorithm to generate a mesh based on (3d) image information. CGAL provides such an algorithm which should be integrated in ViennaMesh.

Multiple segments within a mesh are important for scientifc computing, especially for simulation.ViennaMesh wraps CGALs mesh generation algorithm using polyhedral domains but without support for segmentations. An orcale for multi-segment polyhedron domains should be implemented to add support for multi-segment mesh generation using CGALs meshing framework.

Prospective Student

Hajrudin Besic


The student should be familiar with C++ and template programming.

Milestone Tasklist

We envision two milestones, each containing its own list of tasks to be completed to be able to claim the assigned salary.

Milestone 1

  1. Learning: Getting familiar with the ViennaMesh meshing library
  2. Learning: Getting familiar with CGALs 3D mesh generation
  3. Design: Software design for a ViennaMesh algorithm which generates a mesh based on 3D images. (how does the input data structure look like? which file formats for 3D images can be used? …)

Salary: EUR 500

Milestone 2

  1. Implementation: Wrap CGALs mesh generation algorithm for 3D images

Salary: EUR 400

Milestone 3

  1. Learning: Getting familiar with CGALs 3D mesh generation
  2. Implementation: Implement a CGAL orcale for polyhedron domains with support for multiple segments.

Salary: EUR 500

Additional Information

CGALs algorithm for 3D mesh generation based on images: CGALs algorithm for 3D mesh generation based polyhedron domains:

Primary Mentor

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