B.1 Duty Cycle

To determine the active operation time of a certain system, the duty cycle [349] of this system is used to calculate the power the signal has or the power the system uses.

Figure B.1: Duty cycle

Figure B.1 shows a periodic signal with a period duration $ T_{\mathrm{W}}$ . During a certain time $ \tau_{\mathrm{H}}$ the signal is at its high state, hence it is active. Therefore, the duty cycle $ r_{\mathrm{DC}}$ is defined according to [349] as the ratio between active pulse duration $ \tau_{\mathrm{H}}$ and the total period $ T_{\mathrm{W}}$ :

$\displaystyle r_{\mathrm{DC}} {=}\frac{\tau_{\mathrm{H}}}{T_{\mathrm{W}}} .$ (B.1)

Stefan Holzer 2007-11-19