Curriculum Vitae

January $ 18^{th}$ , 1976 Born in Vienna, Austria
Jun. 1995 Technical High School Graduation with honors, TGM Wien
Field: Electronics - Telecommunications
Oct. 1995 Enrolled in Electrical Engineering at the
Technical University of Vienna
Jun. 2001 Passed 1. Diplomprüfung at the
Technical University of Vienna
Apr. 2002 Received degree of ``Diplomingenieur'' (Dipl.-Ing.) with honors,
equivalent to Master of Science (MSc), in Electrical Engineering
specialization in Computer Technology
from the Technical University of Vienna
May 2002 - Jan. 2003 Compulsory Military Service
Jan. 2003 Enrolled in doctoral program at the
Institute for Microelectronics, Technical University Vienna
Mar. 2004 Established a business in multi-level marketing
Jul. - Sep. 2006 Held a visiting research position at Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
in Mechelen, Belgium and San Jose, USA
Dec. 2006 Received ``European Business Comptence License'' (EBCL)

Stefan Holzer 2007-11-19