A.5 Functions

Functions can clearly enlarge the field of application. Functions can be used in expressions which are stored in variables. In the Input Deck database the standard mathematical functions and functions for conversion of values are implemented. Additional functions can easily be defined by the user. Parameters are enclosed in parentheses and can be complex expressions as well as simple constants. Parameters must be given in a defined order and separated by commas. Some functions have optional parameters which must be given with their names and must be the last parameters in the list.

a1 = func1();                   // Calling function func1(). No Parameter.
a2 = func2(1 + 2);              // Calling function func2(). 1  Parameter.
a3 = func3("hello", a1);        // Calling function func3(). 2  Parameters.
a4 = func4(10, optPara = true); // Calling function func4(). 2  Parameters.
                                // The second parameter is optional.

Furthermore application specific functions may be registered and added to the Input Deck database by the application itself. Those functions can be used in combination with this application only.

Robert Klima 2003-02-06