A.8 The Default Files of Minimos-NT

The default input files for Minimos-NT are part of the distribution. The directory which contains these files is set using the environment variable MMNT_INCLUDE_PATH. The default files provided and the sections they define are listed below.

Table A.13: The default files of Minimos-NT.
default file section Description
defaults.ipd Extern contains runtime information the simulator writes during simulation.
root.ipd Num defaults for the solver module
  Log defaults for logging behavior
  Curve defaults for writing curve files
device.ipd Device defaults for devices
model.ipd SegmentDefaults material database and model parameter defaults
iterate.ipd IterateConfig default iteration parameters
  Iterate default iteration schemes
  Solve default solver parameters
stepping.ipd SteppingControl default stepping schemes
mixed.ipd Devices available compact devices

Robert Klima 2003-02-06