3.6.8 Interactive Mode

In the past two years Minimos-NT has been extended to a fully multi-dimensional device simulator which is able to simulate arbitrarily shaped two- and three-dimensional structures. Due to the increased computational costs which occur especially in three-dimensional simulations it becomes necessary to interactively control the simulation flow during simulation.

Therefore, Minimos-NT provides an interactive mode which can be invoked by pressing the control-sequence control-C during simulation. The user is prompted a menu and may change entries in the database directly using simple commands similar to Unix shell commands, e.g., ls to list the contents of a section or set to set a variable. This new powerful mode of Minimos-NT enables, for instance, to change the parameters of the iteration scheme, to choose a different one, or to change the stepping behavior during runtime. After all queries and changes have been performed in the Input Deck database the simulation can be continued or stopped if desired.

Robert Klima 2003-02-06