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3.1 Basic Facilities

The grammar of MDL is case sensitive. Different tokens have to be separated by at least one spacing character. These are either blanks (' '), tabulators (' \ensuremath{\mathtt{\backslash}}t'), new line characters (' \ensuremath{\mathtt{\backslash}}n'), operators (Section 3.1.8), or MDL comments (Section 3.1.3).

Types and names have to consist of at least one alphabetic character ([a-zA-Z]) which can be followed by any number of characters out of the extended set [a-zA-Z0-9_ \ensuremath{\mathtt{\backslash}}]. All other characters will either cause a syntax error or be interpreted as an operator. Keywords listed in Section 3.1.1 must not be used as name or type identifiers.

MDL expressions are separated by using semicolons (';'). Any number of MDL expressions can be grouped into MDL expression blocks by using braces ('{}'). To avoid serious performance problems with constructors of MDL parameters, there is no MDL counterpart to the concept of automatic variables in C++. Therefore MDL expression blocks can only be used in conjunction with method definitions (Section 3.2.4), loop, and conditional expressions (Section 3.1.10).

Robert Mlekus