Prof. Siegfried Selberherr greatly supervised and supported this work. I would like to express my gratitude to Prof. Siegfried Selberherr especially for his scientific guidance and his open ear for every kind of issue.

For the support of the work I want to thank the Institute for Microelectronics at the Technische Universität Wien.

I want to thank my line management at Robert Bosch, especially Ing. Günter Apfelthaler, Ing. Walter Obdrzalek, Dr. Volker Rischmüller and Dr. Wolfgang Bittinger, for enabling and supporting scientific work in form of this dissertation.

For the great benefits from various discussions and comprehensive experience I would like to thank my colleagues Dr. Michael Frauscher, Dipl.-Ing. Per Pecherstorfer, Ing. Martin Fassl, Ing. Harald Kremser and Dr. Peter Kralicek.

C. Poschalko: The Simulation of Emission from Printed Circuit Boards under a Metallic Cover