Part : Curriculum Vitae


since 2005Study for Doctorate of Technical Sciences, Institute for Microelectronics, Technische Universität Wien.
1990 - 1995Study of Electronics, Technische Universität Wien, Field: Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering.
Diploma Thesis: Leistungsmessgerät für eine Plasmaaudiofrequenzanlage.
1985 - 1990HTBLA Wien 22 Electrotechnik, (excellent success).

Professional Experience

since 2004 EMC Simulation, Robert Bosch AG, Vienna, Austria,
Start up with EMC-Simulation for the Bosch business unit DS (Diesel Systems) in 2004; EMC simulation for automotive electronics and development of simulation methods. Management of the Austrian part of the EUREKA research project PARACHUTE. Since 2008 at the Bosch unit DGS (Diesel and Gasoline Systems).
1999 - 2004Development Engineer, Robert Bosch AG, Vienna, Austria,
Test specifications and software development for embedded systems. Specification process automation by a new programming language, implemented to an ORACLE® hardware database.
1996 - 1999Software Development Engineer, Fa. Ernst Krause & Co., Austria,
Programming of PLC and CNC controls for transfer machines and flexible processing centers; Control software architecture.

Other Activities

1995 - 1996Civil Service, Apoplexy and Rheumatism Rehabilitation Hospital, Laab im Walde, Austria.

Personal Data

Parents:Brigitte & Karl Poschalko
Wife:Ing. Bmstr. Sabine Sandler-Poschalko
Son:Daniel Poschalko (5.10.2005)
C. Poschalko: The Simulation of Emission from Printed Circuit Boards under a Metallic Cover