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The default high-field carrier mobility is modeled according to Hänsch et al. [112] using:

    $\displaystyle \mu^{LIT}(T_\nu) =  \frac{\mu^{LI}_{\nu}} { 1+ \alpha_\nu \cdot
(T_\nu-{\it T}_\mathrm{L})},   \nu= n,p$ (3.44)

    $\displaystyle \alpha  = \frac{3\cdot {\it k}_{\mathrm{B}}\cdot \mu_\nu^{LI}}{2 \cdot q\cdot {\it\tau}_{{w,\nu}}\cdot (v_{\mathrm{sat \nu}})^2}$ (3.45)

$ v_{\mathrm{sat \nu}}$ denotes the saturation velocity and $ {\it\tau}_{{w,\nu}}$ the carrier energy relaxation time.