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10.4.2 Web Enabled TCAD

Engineering environments are in general subject to rapid changes. Therefore, we have to reconsider carefully how engineers will possibly do their TCAD work in three or five years. The world wide web (www) is making its way into all areas of our daily lives, so why should not TCAD engineers investigate IC fabrication technologies via the web ?

A possible solution to this challenge is the introduction of TCAD servers. These servers could offer simulation models and TCAD experiments as have been described in this work. Engineers could work with their models using a web browser and the actual computations would be managed by the TCAD server.

The JAVA language and CORBA seem to be a possible way to implement such a system. SIESTA could act well as the TCAD server. Although there is some work which remains to be done, such a solution is in grabbing distance.

Rudi Strasser