Michael Waltl
Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn., Deputy Head of Institute
Tel.Nr.: +43 1 58801-36050
Room Nr.: CA 05 14



Has been at the IµE since 01-01-2012.


Michael Waltl is an University Professor of Robust Microelectronics, an IEEE Senior Member, and the director of the device characterization laboratory at the Institute for Microelectronics. He obtained his doctoral degree in technical sciences (summa cum laude) from TU Wien in 2016. Furthermore, he currently leads the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Single-Defect Spectroscopy and several FFG projects. In addition, Dr. Waltl heads several research projects with international industrial partners imec, ams OSRAM AG, Infineon, and more. In 2018 Dr. Waltl was a visiting researcher at imec, Belgium, Europe, and Stanford University, CA, USA. ). He also received a best paper award at IRPS 2014, a best poster award at the ICPTDC 2019, and co-recipient of the best student paper awards at the IIRW 2019, IEDM 2019, and DRC 2020. Dr. Waltl serves in the management committee of the IIRW, is a member of the technical program committee of various conferences in Europe (ESREF and the ESSDERC/ESSCIRC) and in the USA (IRPS and IEDM). He is an Associate Editor in the Microelectronics Engineering Journal and is a reviewer of numerous renowned Journals including Nature Electronics, IEEE TED, Microelectronics Reliability, Journal of Applied Physics, and many more.

Research Interests:

Michael Waltl’s overall scientific focus is on the robustness of microelectronic devices and circuits. In this field, he investigates reliability issues – characterization and modeling – in semiconductor devices and circuits. His research covers evaluating performance limitations and aging issues in silicon devices, devices employing wideband-gap materials, power electronic systems, and transistors built on novel 2D materials. Dr.Waltl also studies hot carrier degradation and stress-induced leakage currents of various transistor technologies. Another research pillar of Dr. Waltl is the high-performant operation of integrated circuits built from scaled devices, where he investigates the impact of defects on the performance of circuits. Also, his research focus is on radiation hardening of various technologies, i.e. SRAM cells, and integrated electronic circuits. Furthermore, Dr. Waltl has a strong background in measurement technology and is leading the development of novel characterization tools and techniques.

Research Topics:

Device Reliability

Device Characterization

Robust Electronic Circuits


CDG - Christian Doppler Laboratory for Single-Defect Spectroscopy in Semiconductor Devices

FFG- First-principle simulation of material properties enabling high-performance infrared detectors and emitters

FFG- Innovative, Civil UAV Control Platform Reloaded