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Christopher C. Gerry


My research is in theoretical physics and is within the broad areas of quantum optics, quantum information processing, and foundations of quantum theory. More specifically, I am working on properties and methods of generating nonclassical states of light, high-resolution interferometry with nonclassical states of light and Bose-Einstein condensates, cavity quantum electrodynamics, quantum information processing with coherent states and their superpositions, tests of quantum mechanics against local realistic theories on a macroscopic scale.

Wigner-specific research

[1] Richard Birrittella, Kezi Cheng, Christopher C. Gerry: “Photon-Number Parity Oscillations in the Resonant Jaynes-Cummings Model”, Optics Communications, Vol.354, p.286-290, DOI:10.1016/j.optcom.2015.05.069, 2015.


  • Professor, City University of New York, USA


Additional information

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