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 ===== Wigner-specific research ===== ===== Wigner-specific research =====
-Earnshaw R.A., Lei C., Li J., Mugassabi S. and Vourdas A. (2012)"Large-scale data analysis using the Wigner function" Physica ​A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications,​ Elsevier Science, ​391 (7): 2401-2407.+  * S Agyo, [[Ci Lei]], and A Vourdas, [[https://​​doi/​full/​10.1063/​1.4983917|The groupoid of bifractional transformations ]], J. Math. Phys. **58**, 052103 (2017) 
 +  * P. Evangelides,​ [[Ci Lei]], and A. Vourdas, [[https://​​doi/​full/​10.1063/​1.4927256|Analytic representations with theta functions for systems on ℤ(d) and on 𝕊]], J. Math. Phys. **56**, 072108 (2015) 
 +  * S Agyo, [[Ci Lei]], and A Vourdas, [[https://​​article/​10.1088/​1742-6596/​597/​1/​012007|Bi-fractional Wigner functions]],​ J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. **597**, 012007 (2015) 
 +  * S Agyo, [[Ci Lei]], and A Vourdas, [[https://​​science/​article/​pii/​S0375960114011633|Interpolation between phase space quantities with bifractional displacement operators]],​ Phys. Lett. A **379**, 255 (2015) 
 +  * Earnshaw R.A., [[Ci Lei]], Li J., Mugassabi S.and Vourdas A., [[https://​​science/​article/​pii/​S0378437111008958|Large-scale data analysis using the Wigner function]],  Phys. A: Statis. Mech. Appl. **391**, 2401 (2012)
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