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-===== Biography ===== 
 ===== Wigner-specific research ===== ===== Wigner-specific research =====
-[1] Sellier, ​Jean Michel ​and Nedjalkov, Mihail and Dimov, Ivan and Selberherr, ​Siegfried"benchmark study of the Wigner Monte Carlo method"​, Monte Carlo Methods ​and ApplicationsVol.20No.1p.43--51, 2014.+  * [[Mihail (Mixi) Nedjalkov]], [[Josef Weinbub]], Mauro Ballicchia, [[Siegfried Selberherr]],​ [[Ivan Dimov]], and [[David K. Ferry]], [[https://​​prb/​abstract/​10.1103/​PhysRevB.99.014423|Wigner equation for general electromagnetic fields: The Weyl-Stratonovich transform]],​ Phys. Rev. B **99**, ​ 014423 (2019) 
 +  * [[Mihail (Mixi) Nedjalkov]],​ [[Paul Ellinghaus]],​ [[Josef Weinbub]], Toufik Sadi, Asen Asenov, [[Ivan Dimov]], and [[Siegfried Selberherr]],​ [[https://​​science/​article/​pii/​S0010465518300821?​via%3Dihub|Stochastic Analysis of Surface Roughness Models in Quantum Wires]], Comp. Phys. Commun. **228**, 30 (2018) 
 +  * [[Ivan Dimov]], [[Mihail (Mixi) Nedjalkov]],​ J.M. Sellier, ​[[Siegfried Selberherr]],​ [[https://​​chapter/​10.1007%2F978-3-319-23413-7_97|Neumann Series Analysis of the Wigner Equation Solution]], in: Progress in Industrial Mathematics,​ The European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry **22**, 701 (2016) 
 +  * J.M. Sellier, [[Mihail (Mixi) Nedjalkov]],​ [[Ivan Dimov]], ​and [[Siegfried Selberherr]],​ [[https://​​science/​article/​abs/​pii/​S0378475414001530?​via%3Dihub|A Comparison of Approaches for the Solution of the Wigner Equation]], Math. Comp. Sim. **107**, 108 (2015) 
 +  * [[Ivan Dimov]], [[Mihail (Mixi) ​Nedjalkov]]J.M. Sellier, and [[Siegfried Selberherr]],​ [[https://​​article/​10.1007%2Fs10825-015-0720-2|Boundary Conditions and the Wigner Equation Solution]], J. Comp. Electron. **14**, 859 (2015) 
 +  * [[Paul Ellinghaus]],​ [[Josef Weinbub]], [[Mihail ​(Mixi) Nedjalkov]],​ [[Siegfried Selberherr]], ​and [[Ivan ​Dimov]][[https://​​article/​10.1007%2Fs10825-014-0635-3|Distributed-Memory Parallelization of the Wigner Monte Carlo Method Using Spatial Domain Decomposition]],​ J. Comp. Electron. **14**, 151 (2015) 
 +  * J.M. Sellier, [[Mihail (Mixi) Nedjalkov]],​ [[Ivan Dimov]], ​and [[Siegfried ​Selberherr]][[https://​​view/​j/​mcma.2014.20.issue-1/​mcma-2013-0018/​mcma-2013-0018.xml|Benchmark Study of the Wigner Monte Carlo Method]]Mon. Carl. Meth. Appl. **20**, 43 (2014) 
 +  * J.M. Sellier and [[Ivan Dimov]], [[https://​​science/​article/​pii/​S0021999114002526|A Wigner ​Monte Carlo approach to density functional theory]], J. Comp. Phys. **270**, 265 (2014) 
 +  * J.M. Sellier, S. Amoroso, [[Mihail (Mixi) Nedjalkov]],​ [[Siegfried Selberherr]],​ Asen Asenov, ​and [[Ivan Dimov]][[https://​​science/​article/​pii/​S0378437113011862?​via%3Dihub|Electron Dynamics in Nanoscale Transistors by Means of Wigner and Boltzmann Approaches]]Physica A **398**, 194 (2014) 
 +  * J.M. Sellier[[Mihail (Mixi) Nedjalkov]],​ [[Ivan Dimov]], and [[Siegfried Selberherr]],​ [[https://​​chapter/​10.1007%2F978-3-662-43880-0_20|The Role of Annihilation in a Wigner Monte Carlo Approach]]in: Large-Scale Scientific Computing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science **8353**, 186 (2014)
-[2] Sellier, JM and Dimov, Ivan: "A Wigner Monte Carlo approach to density functional theory",​ Journal of Computational Physics, Vol.270, p.265--277, 2014. 
-[3] Ellinghaus, Paul and Weinbub, Josef and Nedjalkov, Mihail and Selberherr, Siegfried and Dimov, Ivan: "​Distributed-memory parallelization of the Wigner Monte Carlo method using spatial domain decomposition",​ Journal of Computational Electronics,​ p.1--12, 2014. 
 ===== Affiliation(s) ===== ===== Affiliation(s) =====
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   * Head, Department of Parallel Algorithms, IICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences   * Head, Department of Parallel Algorithms, IICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
   * Head, Center of Excellence for Information Technology Research, IICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences   * Head, Center of Excellence for Information Technology Research, IICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
-===== Email ===== 
 ===== Additional information ===== ===== Additional information =====
   * [[http://​​dpa/​BG/​dimov/​|University Profile]]   * [[http://​​dpa/​BG/​dimov/​|University Profile]]
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