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 ===== Wigner-specific research ===== ===== Wigner-specific research =====
-[1] R.P. Rundle, ​P.W. Mills, T. Tilma, ​J. H. Samson, M. J. Everitt: “Quantum Phase Space Measurement and Entanglement Validation Made Easy” Phys Rev A., [[|arXiv]], 2017, in print +  * R.P. Rundle, ​[[Todd ​Tilma]][[John ​Samson]]V.M. Dwyer[[Raymond Bishop]]and [[Mark Everitt]], [[|General approach to quantum mechanics as a statistical theory]] PhysRevA **99**012115 (2019) 
- +  * B.IDaviesR.PRundleV.MDwyer, [[John Samson]], [[Todd Tilma]], and [[Mark Everitt]], [[https://​​pra/​abstract/​10.1103/​PhysRevA.100.042102|Visualizing spin degrees of freedom in atoms and molecules]], Phys. Rev. A **100**, 042102 (2019) 
-[2] TTilmaMJEverittJHSamsonWJMunro, and K. Nemoto“Wigner Functions for Arbitrary Quantum Systems” Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol.117180401DOI: [[http://​​10.1103/​PhysRevLett.117.180401|10.1103/​PhysRevLett.117.180401]], [[|arXiv]], 2016+  * R.P. RundleP.W. Mills[[Todd Tilma]], [[John Samson]], and [[Mark Everitt]], [[http://​​10.1103/​PhysRevA.96.022117|Simple procedure for phase-space measurement and entanglement validation]],​ PhysRevA **96**, 022117 (2017) 
 +  * [[Todd Tilma]], [[Mark Everitt]], [[John Samson]], W. J. Munro, and K. Nemoto, [[|Wigner Functions for Arbitrary Quantum Systems]],  PhysRev. Lett. **117**, 180401 (2016)
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