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 +  *     ​Foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum measurement,​ the quantum to classical transition and phase space methods.
   *     Open quantum systems - especially with regard to chaotic phenomena and control   *     Open quantum systems - especially with regard to chaotic phenomena and control
   *     ​Quantum circuits, particularly those based on superconducting devices   *     ​Quantum circuits, particularly those based on superconducting devices
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   *     ​Numerical analysis of stochastic and non-linear differential equations   *     ​Numerical analysis of stochastic and non-linear differential equations
   *     ​Quantum Computing   *     ​Quantum Computing
-  *     ​Programme tutor for Engineering Physics, Physics and Mathematics,​ Physics and Sport Science ​ 
 +===== Group Research Areas =====
 +The QSE Research Group at Loughborough brings together a unique team of leading academic from diverse backgrounds - including quantum technologists,​ scientists, engineers and end users - in order to develop the methodology that will become Quantum Systems Engineering. Our interest in (Quantum [Systems) Engineering] spans the engineering of quantum-systems and the systems-engineering approach to quantum technologies.
 +===What we do===
 +Currently our group is actively researching the following areas:
 +  *     The application of Systems Engineering Methods to accelerate Blue-Sky and low technology readiness level devices and technologies.
 +  *     The development of new Systems Engineering methods that will be needed in the quantum technologies industry specifically in the areas of Quantum Design for Test, Reliability,​ Manufacture,​ etc. Here, for example, we are pioneering the use of phase space methods for feedback & control and certification of quantum systems.
 +  *     ​Additive manufacture for developing quantum technologies (currently our work is focused on superconductors).
 +  *     ​Quantum reliability engineering with an aim to develop a universal analysis of failure laboratory.
 +  *     ​Development of computer aided engineering solutions for the modeling and simulation of quantum technologies.
 +  *     ​Delivery of systems engineering training and mechanisms to enhance collaboration with the sector.
 ===== Wigner-specific research ===== ===== Wigner-specific research =====
 +==== Specifically on Wigner-functions ====
-[1] R.P. Rundle, P.W. Mills, ​T. Tilma, ​JH. Samson, ​M. J. EverittQuantum ​Phase Space Measurement and Entanglement Validation Made Easy”,  Phys Rev A., [[|arXiv]], 2017, in print+  * R.P. Rundle, ​[[Todd Tilma]], [[John Samson]], V.M. Dwyer, [[Raymond Bishop]], and [[Mark Everitt]], [[http://​​10.1103/​PhysRevA.99.012115|General approach to quantum mechanics as a statistical theory]] Phys. Rev. A **99**, 012115 (2019) 
 +  * R.P. Rundle, P.W. Mills, ​[[Todd ​Tilma]][[John Samson]], and [[Mark Everitt]], [[​10.1103/​PhysRevA.96.022117|Simple procedure for phase-space measurement and entanglement validation]],​ Phys. Rev. A **96**, 022117 (2017) 
 +  * [[Todd Tilma]], [[Mark Everitt]], [[John ​Samson]]W. J. Munro, and [[Kae Nemoto]], [[http://​​10.1103/​PhysRevLett.117.180401|Wigner Functions for Arbitrary ​Quantum ​Systems]],  PhysRev. Lett. **117**, 180401 (2016) 
 +  * Derek Harland, [[Mark Everitt]], [[Kae Nemoto]], [[Todd Tilma]], and TP Spiller, [[|Towards a complete and continuous Wigner function for an ensemble of spins or qubits]], PhysRev. A **86**, 062117 (2012) 
 +==== Papers using Wigner-functions ====
-[2T. Tilma, ​MJEverittJHSamsonWJMunroand KNemoto“Wigner Functions for Arbitrary ​Quantum Systems,  ​PhysRevLett., Vol.117180401, DOI: [[|10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.180401]], [[|arXiv]], 2016+  * B.I. Davies, R.P. Rundle, V.M. Dwyer, ​[[John Samson]], [[Todd ​Tilma]]and [[Mark Everitt]], [[https://​​pra/​abstract/​10.1103/​PhysRevA.100.042102|Visualizing spin degrees of freedom in atoms and molecules]]PhysRevA **100**042102 (2019) 
 +  * R.PRundleB.I. Davies, V.M. Dwyer, [[Todd Tilma]], and [[Mark Everitt]], [[https://​​abs/​1809.10564|Quantum ​State Spectroscopy of Atom-Cavity ​Systems]]arXiv (2018) 
 +  * [[Mark Everitt]], Timothy PSpiller, Gerard JMilburn, Richard DWilsonand Alexandre MZagoskin, [[|Engineering dissipative channels for realizing Schrödinger cats in SQUIDs]], Front. ICT **1**, 1 (2014) 
 +  * [[Mark Everitt]], WJ Munro, and TP Spiller, [[https://​​science/​article/​pii/​S0375960110005700?​via%3Dihub|Quantum measurement with chaotic apparatus]],​ Phys. Lett. A **374**, 2809 (2010) 
 +  * [[Mark Everitt]], WJ Munro, and TP Spiller, [[https://​​pra/​abstract/​10.1103/PhysRevA.79.032328|Quantum-classical crossover of a field mode]], Phys. Rev. A **79**, 032328 (2009) ​  
 +  * [[Mark Everitt]], TD Clark, PB Stiffell, A Vourdas, JF Ralph, RJ Prance, and H Prance, [[​PhysRevA.69.043804|Superconducting analogs of quantum optical phenomena: Macroscopic quantum superpositions and squeezing in a superconducting quantum-interference]], PhysRev. A **69**, 043804 (2004)
 ===== Affiliation(s) ===== ===== Affiliation(s) =====
-  * Senior Lecturer, Quantum Systems Engineering Group, Loughborough University, UK+  * Senior Lecturer ​and Group Leader, Quantum Systems Engineering Group, Loughborough University, UK
-===== Email ===== 
 ===== Additional information ===== ===== Additional information =====
-  * [[http://​​departments/​physics/​staff/​academic/​mark-everitt/​|University ​Profile]]+  * [[http://​​departments/​physics/​staff/​academic/​mark-everitt/​|Personal ​Profile]]
   * [[http://​​research/​quantum-systems/​|Group Profile]]   * [[http://​​research/​quantum-systems/​|Group Profile]]
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