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Ram Bilas Pachori

Wigner-specific research

R.R. Sharma and R.B. Pachori, Improved eigenvalue decomposition-based approach for reducing cross-terms in Wigner-Ville distribution, Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, vol. 37, issue 08, pp. 3330-3350, August 2018.

R.B. Pachori and A. Nishad, Cross-terms reduction in Wigner-Ville distribution using tunable-Q wavelet transform, Signal Processing, vol. 120, pp. 288-304, March 2016.

P. Jain and R.B. Pachori, Marginal energy density over the low frequency range as a feature for voiced/non-voiced detection in noisy speech signals, Journal of the Franklin Institute, vol. 350, issue 4, pp. 678-716, May 2013.

V. Bajaj and R.B. Pachori, Automatic classification of sleep stages based on the time-frequency image of EEG signals, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, vol. 112, issue 3, pp. 320-328, December 2013.

R.B. Pachori and P. Sircar, A new technique to reduce cross terms in the Wigner distribution, Digital Signal Processing, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 466-474, March 2007.


  • Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India


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